Character Spotlight: The Automatons

Character Spotlight: The Automatons

Concept art for the Automatons

The Automatons are the only inhabitants of Grimstad. As robots each are purpose built to perform a specific task. Some possess basic problem-solving knowledge and many have the ability to speak. The Automatons’ capabilities are limited to only what is required for their assigned role. Any Automaton that tries to move beyond their original programming is disassembled immediately and rebuilt.

The Automatons are still in the design phase and being worked on by the Horrible Unicorn team so all we have is to show you is some of the early concept art for the characters. With Legacy of the Copper Skies still so early in development we’ve reached the end of our character spotlights… for now.

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Character Spotlight: The Eburians

Character Spotlight: The Eburians

After taking a look at Legacy of the Copper Skies‘ two player controlled protagonists Tir and Isen in our first two character profiles it’s time to turn our gaze to the background to learn more about the inhabitants of their worlds. This week we’re featuring a look at the Eburians who inhabit the lush green world of Tir’s Ebura.

Original concept art of the Eburians.

The people of Ebura are a tight-knit community, relying on little more than hard work to provide food, shelter, safety and companionship. In order to survive, they need to work together, and they do it well. Stability is incredibly important to them and, as a whole, they can be resistant to progress if it threatens to alter their status quo and their communal way of life.

The Eburians’ lives are thrown into disarray as the worlds merge and only the combined efforts of Tir and Isen can protect their way of life.

Stay tuned for more details on the characters that make up the worlds of Legacy of the Copper Skies.

February Progress Report & Anticipation for GDC 2015

Well, we’ve made some great progress over the last little bit. We’re super happy with how things are going so far. We’ve had our hiccups, and had to deal with some issues, but overall it’s going really well.

Here’s some of the things we’ve been working on, and working through.

  • Finished first batch of concept art thanks to Jakob Eirich our concept art contractor
    • If you are looking for concept art we definitely recommend you hire him.
  • Established a good portion of our art direction and what camera style(s?) we’ll use
  • Working on our pixel art style / resolution
  • High level Design for the Game
  • Good pass on our games narrative
  • Beginning to figure out our tech art issues and pipelines (2D Dynamic Lights!)
  • Upgraded our Website
  • First official Press Inquiry!

Right now we’re still in the very early planning and concept phase so we don’t want to share much right now, but in the coming weeks we’ll start releasing screen shots, concept art, tech/animation videos, and generally more information about our game in the near future.

If you are curious about who we are, well, check out our newly updated Team page.

On a side note, we’re pretty pumped to go to GDC this year. We’ve been a few times already, but never had a chance to go see the IGF & Choice Awards Ceremony, so that’ll be fun for us. If you are interested in grabbing a drink hit us up! We’ll be there all week taking in the sessions, tutorials, games, and getting into whatever other shenanigans we can find.

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