Horrible Unicorn Game Studios, also know as HUGS, is an independent video game developer based out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. Our mission is to breathe new life into classic game genres from the past. We are currently working on Legacy of the Copper Skies as our first title for PC and console, sharing the HUGS with everyone.



Horrible Unicorn was founded in late 2014 by married couple Eric Foster (Designer / Producer) and Holly McCullough (Writer). Legacy of the Copper Skies was something that they had boiling in the back of their minds for many years, so it was natural that it would become the first title as a studio. In January 2015 they began pre-production on Legacy of the Copper Skies. Joe Pendon (Artist), and Eric Serio (Programmer) would join shortly thereafter. Together they form the core of what is Horrible Unicorn Game Studios.

Support and Ontario

Ontario has been a fantastic place to start a game studio. The province is filled with talented, and friendly game developers. Without the support of the Ontario government Horrible Unicorn Game Studios would not exist.