Character Spotlight: The Eburians

After taking a look at Legacy of the Copper Skies‘ two player controlled protagonists Tir and Isen in our first two character profiles it’s time to turn our gaze to the background to learn more about the inhabitants of their worlds. This week we’re featuring a look at the Eburians who inhabit the lush green world of Tir’s Ebura.

Eburians Concept Art

Original concept art of the Eburians.

The people of Ebura are a tight-knit community, relying on little more than hard work to provide food, shelter, safety and companionship. In order to survive, they need to work together, and they do it well. Stability is incredibly important to them and, as a whole, they can be resistant to progress if it threatens to alter their status quo and their communal way of life.

The Eburians’ lives are thrown into disarray as the worlds merge and only the combined efforts of Tir and Isen can protect their way of life.

Stay tuned for more details on the characters that make up the worlds of Legacy of the Copper Skies.

Character Spotlight: Tir


After meeting Isen in last week’s character profile, it’s time to meet the other playable hero of Legacy of the Copper Skies, Tir.

TirTir is a stoic hunter of great skill. In his world chaos is a fact of life. With so many of Ebura’s creatures, people, and inhabitants all doing as they please things can get a bit out of control sometimes. This is where Tir steps in. He alone keeps Ebura in balance, and to do that sometimes things need to be destroyed so that others may thrive. Unfortunately, Tir is often quick to anger, and despite his good intentions things can quickly get out of hand. This is why he enjoys a predominantly solitary life in the forest.

Tir Facts

  • Weapon: Spear, Shield, Teeth, Fists
  • Basic Attack: Spear Slash
  • Charge Attack: Power Thrust
  • Special Ability: Tir is able to transform, and by doing so he becomes a powerful rage beast.
  • Destroyer: Tir is a force to be reckoned with. He’s prone to anger, and capable of destroying most obstacles in his path. Fortunately, destroyed objects often provide Isen with the resources she needs for her tinkering.

First Look: Dynamic Lighting in Legacy of the Copper Skies

As Tir approaches the Mother Statue he is cast in a strange light. Three glowing orbs orbit the statue’s outstretched hand each representing a different world within Legacy of the Copper Skies. Blue for Grimstad the home of fellow adventurer Isen. Green for his world of Ebura. Yellow for a world that the studio’s marketing department won’t let him talk about yet. He continues his approach as the light is dynamic cast about by technology beyond his ken yet suitably impressive for a 2D adventure game from an indie studio.

One of the main development goals for Horrible Unicorn Game Studios’ first game was to take a genre of game that we all had a great fondness for (the 2D adventure game) and bring modern development techniques and design aesthetics to it. While a large part of that is focused on the story and how developed our characters will be fleshed there will be also technical chances for us to show off how far games have come since Link was told that it was dangerous to go alone.

Bringing dynamic lighting helps make the worlds of Grimstad, Ebura and [redacted] feel more alive. The fantasy worlds of Legacy of the Copper Skies may not be real places but the depth of the world is enhanced by artistic aspects like lighting that reacts to in-game situations. This also helps to further enhance the already stellar beauty of Lead Artist Joe Pendon’s pixel art vision.

New combat gif for Legacy of the Copper Skies


Yesterday on our social channels we released a brand new gif that shows off one of our lead characters (Tir) fighting a skeleton. This is the first in action combat that we’ve shown off from our new top down perspective and we’re very happy with how it turned out.

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A new perspective for Legacy of the Copper Skies


Among the tools in a game developer’s tool-kit, one of the most complex is feedback. It’s seductive to think that your first idea is your best idea, and hearing that some people prefer things another way can often be hard. Yet insightful feedback can help make games better, and as much as everyone would like to think they’re a genius, nobody gets everything right.

A screenshot of the original perspective of Legacy of the Copper Skies.

A screenshot of the original perspective of Legacy of the Copper Skies.

Up to this point everything we’ve shown for our first game Legacy of the Copper Skies, has been shown from our original design of the game which was going to be an isometric perspective. Our thoughts behind this were that this perspective helped to distinguish the game in an immediate visual way from the adventure games that had come before.

We are justifiably proud of our strong showing during this year’s Square Enix Collective’s feedback phase. Indie game fans seemed to find what we had planned for the game was something they wanted to play. Along with all the excitement and compliments were suggestions on how we could improve the game and one of the most frequent was a suggestion to change the game’s perspective to a more traditional top down one.

As we reviewed all the feedback we’d received from the voters and fans, a change in perspective seemed to make sense. Though we are certainly inspired by the great pixel-art adventure games that have come before us, there is so much new and different about Legacy of the Copper Skies that helps it stand out from what’s come before that we felt comfortable going with a traditional view.

The new top-down perspective for Legacy of the Copper Skies.

Exploring this new perspective lead us to see the advantages of the change on the development front chiefly that we can now iterate quicker and respond to feedback and changes in a more agile way. We’re also loving how great it looks now and we feel that it’s going to allow players to focus in on the story, control and gameplay elements that we’re bringing to the adventure game, rather than just a tilted perspective.

Another look at Legacy of the Copper Skies’ new perspective.

Once again we’re grateful to everyone who took the time to vote and give us feedback during the Square Enix Collective’s feedback phase. Feedback is a great tool and we’re thankful that it’s already making Legacy of the Copper Skies better.