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Character Spotlight: The Eburians

After taking a look at Legacy of the Copper Skies‘ two player controlled protagonists Tir and Isen in our first two character profiles it’s time to turn our gaze to the background to learn more about the inhabitants of their worlds. This week we’re featuring a look at the Eburians who inhabit the lush green world of Tir’s Ebura.

Eburians Concept Art

Original concept art of the Eburians.

The people of Ebura are a tight-knit community, relying on little more than hard work to provide food, shelter, safety and companionship. In order to survive, they need to work together, and they do it well. Stability is incredibly important to them and, as a whole, they can be resistant to progress if it threatens to alter their status quo and their communal way of life.

The Eburians’ lives are thrown into disarray as the worlds merge and only the combined efforts of Tir and Isen can protect their way of life.

Stay tuned for more details on the characters that make up the worlds of Legacy of the Copper Skies.

FamilyJules7x composing soundtrack to Legacy of the Copper Skies

A great video game soundtrack sticks with you. After hours of puzzle solving and boss battles it’s the tune that you hum as you’re getting ready for bed while your mind is still trying to work out just how to make it to the next level. Years since last playing Super Mario Bros. the theme song is in my head, an earworm that won’t leave.


Jules on stage

While such an iconic score is certainly a lofty height to target we wanted to make sure that the music in Legacy of the Copper Skies was every bit as memorable as we’re hoping the gameplay will be. So we went to someone who knows a lot about game music, a man who has crafted an online fanbase for his cover versions of the video game songs we all grew up on, FamilyJules7x.

A multi-instrumentalist FamilyJules7x, who also goes by Jules, has built up a YouTube audience of over 180 thousand fans who come for his video game covers, arrangements and original compositions. After having cut his teeth taking well loved gaming soundtracks and reimagining them in completely different genres, Jules has proven a deep love of games and an affinity towards composition and was asked to create an alternate soundtrack for Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Everyone at Horrible Unicorn Game Studios is excited to have Jules working on the score to Legacy of the Copper Skies. He’s already given us some fantastic songs including our main theme.

We’ll have more details on the FamilyJules7x’s work on the game’s soundtrack, including previews of more new songs, as our development continues.

To learn more about Jules visit his: