Character Spotlight: Isen

Character Spotlight: Isen

As we continue with the development of Legacy of the Copper Skies we wanted to share a little bit more information about the characters that make up the world of the game. Today we will take a look at Isen one of the two main protagonists that you will control throughout the adventure in Legacy of the Copper Skies.

IsenIsen is a gifted inventor. Logic and reason are virtues she constantly strives to uphold. She alone built Grimstad and its robotic inhabitants from the first bolt up. To her the world is a giant collection of parts, and it is her job to transform them, but now that it’s complete she struggles to keep her mind busy. She can barely sit still and is constantly searching for her next discovery, hoping to find something to keep her circuits stimulated.

Isen hails from the world known as Grimstad, a land of scrap metal, wire, and energy crystals. Her time is taken up by tinkering and exploring, constantly wanting to be challenged. The adventures that await her in Legacy of the Copper Skies will ensure that she is not soon bored.

Isen Facts

  • Weapon: Custom-made Laser Rifle, Wits
  • Basic Attack: Laser Shot
  • Charged Shot: Hyper Beam Shot
  • Special Ability: Portable Portal Generator
  • Tinkerer: Isen is able to combine gathered resources together and create various contraptions, bots, and other assorted useful gadgets.

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